About this site

I love Easter season. Easter has some of the best seasonal candy. Most importantly, Easter season is jelly bean season. I love jelly beans. Every year I get about a half-dozen bags. I’ve tried many varieties of jelly beans over time, and I decided it was high time the Internet had a site dedicated to reviewing this classic confection.

I’m starting this fresh in March 2016. By the time the jelly bean season ends, I will certainly not have reviewed some jelly beans that I’ve had in the past. There’s simply not enough time (nor enamel on my teeth) to try and do this comprehensively in a single year. Fear not! I will continue this in years to come, filling out the catalog of classic brands and testing new brands as they hit the market for the first time. (In the offseason, I’ll probably review a few brands that are sold year-round, as well.)

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy.