Trader Joe’s Jelly Bean Hearts

Trader Joe’s Jelly Bean Hearts packaging
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I have a little capsule review to offer today, for a little seasonal package from our current king of the hill, Trader Joe’s. Thanks again to Daniel for sending these to me!

This is a cute little bag that is put out around Valentine’s Day, which consists of four different flavors: cherry, raspberry, strawberry, and (sadly) coconut. As the name indicates, they eschew a traditional jelly bean shape in favor of a heart shape. Well, A heart-_ish_ shape. It’s more of a “puffy right angle” than a traditional heart, whose point has an acute angle.

This set is made by the same Irish candymaker as the previous beans we’ve reviewed from the Trader Joe’s corporate family (Trader Joe’s Gourmet, Trader Joe’s Sour, and the Aldi chain’s Crazy Candy Co. beans), so chewability and texture naturally fall right in line with those reviews, and the flavors are all ones covered before, as well. As such, I’m not doing the full category-by-category breakdown, but I wanted to put out this capsule review to remind folks of how great everything coming out of The Jelly Bean Factory in Ireland (including Canadian brand Waterbridge) is worth buying every time you see them!